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¿Quieres saber tu nivel de inglés?
Responde a las siguientes 60 preguntas tipo test y nos pondremos en contacto contigo para decírtelo.


Datos personales

1. My sister...a nurse a hospital

2. My brother...two children. They...3 and 9 years old

3. Mr. & Mrs. Jones...Australian France

4. Are there...tomatoes in the fridge? No, there aren’t...

5. horror films but fiction

6. What are you doing?...

7. usually go to parties) No, but a party last weekend

8. Is this present for you and your brother? No, it isn’t for...

9. Is this Mr. & Mrs. Smith’s house? Yes. It’s...

10. This exercise is.......the others

11. France for many years but now she lives in Poland

12. When he..., I’ll tell him about the problem

13. "Sorry, I’m late" "It’s all right. I...long"

14. This time last week we...the Eiffel Tower

15. By the time we arrived, everything...

16. She...a lot but now she´s given up

17. I suggested he...more English

18. ...people have never been abroad

19. My car...several times recently

20. He...come to dinner tonight but it´s unlikely as he finishes work very late

21. I many questions in this test

22. Do you wish you...English before?

23. Write your name and address on your lose it

24. The fire could...due to negligence

25. The football match...because of the weather

26. finish the test in 30 minutes

27. Did you... . You look very nice

28. Students are class

29. ...El Quijote?

30. I´ve never been to Ireland. "..."

31. Are the shops still open?

32. Do the cinema?

33. We apologize...late

34. The restaurant is very close. It´s not worth...a taxi

35. I think there is more violence nowadays. What do you think? Yes,...

36. I don´t know what this word means. I´ a dictionary

37. ...did we leave than it started to rain

38. Are you doing anything this weekend? "It depends...the weather"

39. He gets upset easily. He´s a very...person

40. The teacher asked them to...the article in a few lines

41. The meeting has been...till 1.00 p.m.

42. There´s far too much traffic on the roads...

43. First, we lived in New York and...we moved to Chicago

44. This clock... on two small batteries

45. Some industries break environmental laws and...

46. They didn´ the airport on time to catch the morning flight

47 James has Economics from Oxford University

48. I´m sorry I screamed but

49. Stop...about the bush, John, and tell me what the problem is

50. I caught the last train by the skin of my...

51. The new computers are so cheap they are selling like...

52. Although they are sisters they´re as different as...

53. I´m sorry but I am not...liberty to tell you any more

54. She always makes you feel...ease

55. We tried to prevent him...marrying her

56. She asked her colleagues to give her a hand with the report but...the end she had to do it herself

57. I have some information for you but I don´t want to give it...the phone

58. I never met her but she was...a great person

59. To make sure he’d get it I delivered the parcel...hand

60. Come on! Don´t worry so much. You always make a mountain...

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